Frequently Asked Questions

Jesus was from Nazareth, so he was called a Nazarene. The name "Church of the Nazarene" reflects our focus on Jesus. To learn more about the Church of the Nazarene, check out these resources from nazarene.org:
Core Values
Wesleyan Theology
These are part of a booklet called "Nazarene Essentials," which is also freely available online, in English and in many other languages.

For more detail about our foundational beliefs and what it means to be Christian, check out "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism" which is also freely available online.
A disciple is a devoted follower. People who follow Jesus Christ -- learning from him and becoming more like him -- are called his disciples, and discipleship is that process of learning and becoming more like Jesus. At SLC First Church of the Nazarene, two ways to engage more casually with others are Sunday School (9:15am, with groups for children and adults), and a midweek group (Wednesdays 6:30pm for adults).
Sunday School classes are offered for children and adults at 9:15am each week, followed by worship at 10:30am. The worship services usually begin with upbeat music, with a team leading the congregation in singing, and words of songs shown on the screen. We also worship through Bible readings, prayer, an offering, and a sermon.
Beyond ordinary decency, particular clothing is not emphasized at SLC First Church of the Nazarene. Variety in dress is common here, ranging from casual jeans or shorts to more traditional "Sunday best" attire. What is more important than what we wear is whether we come ready for time with God. You are welcome to come as you are!